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Measuring Dolls for Doll Clothes

  These are the measurements that you will need to take:
1 Total Height: head to toe cm
2 Chest: under the armpits over the shoulder blades and across the chest cm
3 Waist: around the waist cm
4 Hip: around the fullest part of the hips cm
5 Neck to Waist: from the cervical to the waistline cm
6 Inside Leg: from the crotch to the soles cm
7 Arm & Shoulder Length: from the side of the neck to the wrist bone cm
8 Head Circumference: around the head right above the ears. cm


Which patterns are suitable for my doll?

All Wollyonline patterns are created to fit a certain 'height' doll. This doll height is the total height: top of the head to soles of the feet. Patterns suitable for 43cm dolls are thus created to fit dolls of 43cm total height.

This is how you start measuring the correct pattern size for your doll: measure all measurements as listed in the table above. Now you can look at which patterns are suitable.

On the left side of the website, in the margin, you choose: our patterns > pattern sizes > here you find a list with doll names. You choose the correct height and compare your sizes with the sizes in the list.


The correct size isn't there?

Choose a larger/smaller pattern when: the chest/waist/hip of your doll is larger or smaller. These differences will immediately result in doll clothes that are either too small or too large and are very hard to change.

Choose this pattern anyway when: all sizes are correct BUT the inside leg or arm & shoulder are shorter/longer. This is the sleeve and pants length and this is easy to change by adding or taking away seam allowance.